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  • Magnusterrenum

    Hello. I am currently writing a book series, and I have been looking for different places to advertize it. I googled Young Writers Wiki, and found this.If anyone thinks they might be interested here's the link to the website,

    The books take place in a land called Magnus Terrenum. The series is titled Terra Volsunga, which is a country there. For a basic summary, a boy named Sigmund (17 years) pulls a mystical sword from a tree. Sigmund is the second oldest son of Volsung, the king of Terra Volsunga. He has four brothers called Aritak, Alf, Edar, and Varin, and one sister named Ithera. Ithera married Veargith, the king of Gautland (another country). It is at the wedding celebration that lasted for three days after…

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  • Blissfully Mine


    February 23, 2013 by Blissfully Mine

    I feel my eyes flutter open and something hard is pressed against me. I squint, watching and observing what is around me. I'm not in bed. I have been put in a glass tube. I bang against the clear, glass walls. My clothes. I'm not wearing what I wore to go to bed. I'm put into a denim jacket, pink tank top and some beige cackis. Usually what I would wear on a typical school day. I gasp. My phone's missing. "Help!" I plead, knocking on the glass cylinder that protects me. "Somebody!". No answer. Just before I give up hope, a large screen lowers down in front of my tube. "Welcome, Students." I hear a female voice say. Students? I look around, and beside me is a girl with glossy blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. Looking to my right, a boy st…

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  • Jabberwokk

    Brainstorming program

    October 25, 2011 by Jabberwokk

    Ok so forgive my fumbling with how to express what I am looking for, but here we go.

    I am trying to find a simple brainstorming program where I can create a visual reprisentation of my story, involved characters, and things like that. Best example I can think of is shown in the Tv show Castle when we see Castle's version of the 'murderboard.' Anyone know of a program that looks like that or is similar?

    Thanks for your time!

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