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Chapter 1 - Confusion

I feel my eyes flutter open and something hard is pressed against me. I squint, watching and observing what is around me. I'm not in bed. I have been put in a glass tube. I bang against the clear, glass walls. My clothes. I'm not wearing what I wore to go to bed. I'm put into a denim jacket, pink tank top and some beige cackis. Usually what I would wear on a typical school day. I gasp. My phone's missing. "Help!" I plead, knocking on the glass cylinder that protects me. "Somebody!". No answer. Just before I give up hope, a large screen lowers down in front of my tube. "Welcome, Students." I hear a female voice say. Students? I look around, and beside me is a girl with glossy blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. Looking to my right, a boy stands before me. His light brown hair and blue eyes catch my eyes. "We have changed you based on what your personality is like." I look at my clothes. This is me. "Welcome to Port 66. We are glad to have you here." she greets us. The screen goes blank, but then appears with a male face. The boy has blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles. His outfit is a plaid shirt with a pen, and glasses to confirm he's a nerd. Then, I see myself. My brown hair reaching down to my waist, my red lips, and my turqouise eyes. I see alot of faces but don't really pay attention. It takes about 10 minutes before it's over. "Now that you all have seen each other, you all shall understand that you will kill." she explains. "You will all have to find a way out of this tube, or else you will all die by a bomb that is implanted into your tile from it. If nobody is killed with 48 hours, you will all die and nobody will be let out of this port. Do you understand?" she asks, and I nod. The screen goes back blank, and the session begins.

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