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As of 2014, this Wikia is undergoing some major updates and this Manual of Style is a basic guide for how to use, treat, and upload to this wiki.

What is this Wikia for? Edit

This Wikia is used for a multitude of things and can be used to upload tutorials, guides and also your own writing pieces. However, everything must be categorised before it can be uploaded. Spam is not allowed and copied work isn't allowed either. Spin-offs, fan-fictions or otherwise fan-created sequels are allowed provided proper attribution is given.

Basic Layout Edit

Though this Wikia does not have a specific layout for pages, some basic rules must be followed.

  1. Chapters up to 5 chapters (or 5 000 words - whichever is shorter) are to be split into seperate sections using the Visual or Source editors. These sub-sections must be full headers and can be denoted easily by using two equal signs (=) at the start and end of the title on a new line of writing/code. Do not put anything else on the line except for the equal signs and the title. 
  2. The exception to the above is when a story reaches over 5 000 words or more than five chapters. A new page must be added that can be filled with up to 5 000 words or 5 chapters just the same. Please name the new page: Story Title/Page 2. This is to help keep page loading times minimal. These rules do not apply to tutorials.
  3. Multi-coloured writing should be kept to a minimal and the only formatting to most articles should be bold or italics, or paragraph justifying (aligning to a certain area, be it left, centered, right or justified).
  4. At the start of every new story upload, it would be wise to write the rating of your story as well as perhaps a short blurb. Images are kept to a maximum of one per page. Other images may not be used, especially if it is not relevant to the article.

Regarding Fanfictions, Fan Spin-offs, Fan Sequels ETC Edit

Fan-wrote stories based on existing titles (for example, The Hunger Games, or the Wolf of Wall Street) must be attributed to the original author or director or company that owns the label. You may write your disclaimer at the very top or very bottom of your article, in smaller font than usual. To make smaller font, simply create a new line and use the pointed brackets (< and >) and put the words font size=1 in between the two brackets. At the end of your disclaimer, use the tag /font inside the brackets.

Help with editing Edit

If you require assistance with Wikitext (the markup used), then use the Visual editor as you do not have to use custom tags or remember anything. If you would like more advanced control of editing then use the Source editor and learn the tags yourself. Basic HTML can also be used. 

To get futher assistance, please contact the main editor. There will be more help articles for how to edit coming soon.

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